Friday, February 26, 2016 Day 2

Stuffed Crust Pizza,
Assorted Grinders,
Yellow Beans,
Sweet Potato,

Library Books
Please return all over due library books to the library now.  Book bills will be going out soon.

Quabbin Music
Today brief meeting for all Quabbin Music students about Sat.’s rehearsal & concert.

Gertrude Hawk
If you participated in the Gerturde Hawk chocolate fundraiser please see Mrs. Rogers to pick it up.

Intramural Floor hockey
Tues., Wed, and Thurs.  Sign up for late bus.  See Mr. Rogers.

Monty Tech.
Any 7th or 8th grader interested in the Monty Tech after
school VIP program see Mr. Quinton for the form.

Late Bus Reminder:
All students MUST sign up for the late bus by 12:30 PM.  Without verification from the teacher you are staying with, you will not be allowed to sign up!