Friday, August 28, 2015 Day 1

Big Daddy’s Cheese Pizza,
Caesar Salad,
Wheat Thin Crackers,
Apple/ orange slice,
Confetti Salad

Middle School Boys and Girls Soccer will begin after school on Monday, August 31st.

Late bus will start Tues. Sept. 1st

Please forward all medical forms to the nurse.  Thank you.

If you are interested in joining the middle school soccer team, (grade 6-8), please sign up with Ms. Donovan in room 307 (outside my door).  First day of practice is Monday, August 31, at 2:15.  Bring sneakers/cleats, shin guards, and appropriate clothing and be on the middle school field.

Sign up for band & chorus!  Band and/chorus on the same day per grade. Today Aug. 28 gr. 8; Tues. Sept 1 Gr. 5, Wed. Sept. 2 Gr. 6, Thurs. Sept. 3.  Anyone who missed their grades sign up day.  Come to the music room at 7:40 am on your grades day.  See you there.

Trailer Park, the # 1 rated BBQ soul-rock band in the world, will bring their 2015 tour to Athol this Saturday, August 29 for a Tool Town Live free concert at the Uptown Common.  The show is FREE for all ages.  Concessions open at 6 PM and the concert is from 7-9 PM.  THERE WILL BE FREE CANDY given out by Orange Saws at the concert while supplies last.  If rain is predicted, the show will be at the Athol Town Hall.

No one is allowed to walk behind the school, through the construction site.