Creating Augmented Reality

1. Create a page or use an existing web address to use as a landing point. This page can contain text, images, audio clips, and even video.

2. Create a QR code for the landing point. I like to use this free resource ( to create my QR codes. Basically, the user enters the desired web address into a text field and a code is generated which is then printed for display in the augmented reality event. This technology can also be used to quickly direct users to any desired website in newsletters, flyers, etc.

Download the AT&T free bar code scanner to any mobile device
Android – HERE
(Other scanning programs should work, but AT&T doesn’t push 3rd party ads at the user.)

This page has been created to assist in the creation of augmented reality events.

arrsd.org_n6jkbuTRY IT! – Scan this QR code with your smart device and see where it takes you on the internet!

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