EMPATHY! It’s Feeling What Other’s Feel! Mrs. Drouin’s Class Learns About Empathy

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Mrs. Schwab has been teaching the Second Step curriculum by the Committee for Children, Seattle, WA., to Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class at Royalston Community School.  Mrs. Schwab recently taught a Classroom Guidance Lesson to Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class at Royalston Community School on Empathy, from the Second Step curriculum.  Students learned to identify all kinds of feelings by watching each other’s faces – eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and the way a person is standing.  Mrs. Schwab read the Empathy  story from the Second Step curriculum to the class, and the class did Turn and Talk discussions with partners about different kinds of feelings.  The class played feelings charades, and then learned a new song about empathy:  “It’s feeling what others feel!”

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“Impulsive Puppy,” and “Slow Down Snail” talked with Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class as part of the lesson on Empathy from the Second Step curriculum.  The students can’t wait for Impulsive Puppy and Slow Down snail to come out of the Second Step box each week, to talk with each other and the class about the day’s lesson.

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Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class plays Feelings Charades, as part of the Empathy lesson taught by Mrs. Schwab.  Empathy is a critical friendship skill.  Children who are six and seven years old are just beginning to develop a more highly attuned sense of empathy, based on their brain development.  A fun and learning filled time was had by all!

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