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Classroom Guidance: Career Education ~ Management and Business Career Cluster April 2017

During the month of April, Mrs. Schwab and Mrs. Jaskoviak, the Elementary Guidance Counselors, focused on doing Classroom Guidance presentations on the Character Trait for April: Honesty.  The counselors also presented lessons on Management, Business Careers, and marketing automation .  Mrs. Schwab dressed up as a Hawaiian Hotel Manager, in honor of Mr. Tom Darcy, of wonderful memory, who was our school district’s Community Outreach Coordinator for many years.  Mr. Darcy was born and raised in Hawaii, he was a U.S. Citizen, an honored U.S. Veteran, and a huge source of caring support to many Athol-Royalston families.  During Mrs. Schwab and Mrs. Jaskoviak’s presentations, students in Kindergarten through 4th grade at ACES, and Kindergarten through 6th grade at RCS, learned that if you would like a career in the Management Career Cluster, you will need to graduate from high school, and go to college in management and business. Students also learned if you would like to move higher up in the “pyramid” of careers in this cluster, it is important to go to graduate school in Management and Business to earn a Masters Degree in Business, Organizational Development, or Hotel Management and Hospitality. Students also watched a Powerpoint presentation created by Mrs. Schwab about the career of a Hotel Manager, based on her trip to the annual MASCA: Massachusetts School Counselors’ Association Conference at the Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center on April 4, 2017.  Students had a very fun and learning filled Classroom Guidance presentation, by playing the brand new board game created by Mrs. Schwab called, Hotel Manager.


Mrs. Schwab’s Honesty Character Trait poster for the month of April 2017, in the RCS lobby.


Students in Mrs. Heuer’s 3rd Grade class at ACES, play Mrs. Schwab’s Hotel Manager Board Game.  Students learned to collect their money for their pay check, collect money for Conference guests staying at their hotel, and subtract money to pay their employees: Hotel Desk Clerks, Banquet Managers, Chefs, Hotel Housekeepers, Hotel Maintenance Engineers, hvac repair service etc.


Mrs. Schwab created a small group board game for 3rd through 6th grades called, Hotel Manager, which uses play money, and question cards with typical situations that Hotel Managers need to pay in order to keep the hotel running smoothly, for this they may need to learn about the sites that gives unsecured money fast for the business owner that doesn’t have good credit anywhere else. Go to the article now

Go to our website and learn some marketing automation definition for business.


Students in Mrs. Heuer’s 3rd grade ACES class are pictured here talking in small groups about the Hotel Manager career, and playing Mrs. Schwab’s Hotel Manager Board Game.


Mrs. Schwab baked a “Hawaiian Hotel Manager” cake for the RCS Cake Raffle to support the 5th and 6th grade Nature’s Classroom field trip, and she attended the RCS Talent Show on April 13, 2017.  The cakes were raffled off after the very successful RCS Talent Show!

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The ARRSD Elementary Character Trait for March 2017 was "Successful"


The ARRSD elementary schools Character Trait for March 2017 was “Successful.”  Shown above are Mrs. Schwab’s Learning Target charts for the Successful trait, and the Zones of Regulation, by Leah Kuypers.  Mrs. Schwab taught “Successful” Character Trait lessons to seven Kindergarten through 6th Grade classes at RCS, and to twelve classes at ACES in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Students learned about the four color “Zones” of emotions which include: GREEN: calm, focused, happy, ready to learn, YELLOW: Confused, Frustrated, Scared, RED: Angry, Overwhelmed, Mad,Terrified, BLUE: Sad, Sick, Hurt and Tired.  Students watched a short video from You Tube, based on the Zones of Regulation, called, “Calm Down and Release the Amygdala.”  The link for this video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs559guIGDo   Classes then learned and practiced calm down skills from the Zones of Regulation book, and other skills, such as taking slow “belly breaths,” thinking about positive, calm thoughts, and doing Brain Gym, QiGong, or Yoga exercises.  We learned to be “Successful” with staying in the “Green Zone,” using self-regulation skills.  Students also made “Successful” Character Trait posters, and some were displayed around Royalston Community School.  Pictured below are students from RCS talking in small groups, learning, and drawing about the Zones of Regulation, and the Successful Character Trait during March.


“Green Zone” smiles from Mrs. Drouin’s 1st Grade class, during Mrs. Schwab’s Classroom Guidance presentation on the Successful Character Trait in March 2017.


RCS 1st Graders point to students in the picture who are using “Green Zone” calm down skills. Students circled the children in their picture who were showing calm down skills.IMG_5461

Noah, a 1st Grade student in Mrs. Drouin’s class, displays his “Green Zone” calm down work.  Smiling is a “Green Zone” feeling!

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Elementary Classroom Guidance Presentations in December 2016: Cheerful Character Theme

During the month of December 2016, the elementary guidance counselors gave presentations to all Kindergarten through 4th grade classes, at Athol Community Elementary School, on the Character Theme of Cheerful.  The counselors also presented skills to students for respecting human diversity, using art activities, music videos, and information on snowflakes.  In addition, students loved singing and dancing to the music video Happy by Pharrell Williams, as a way to express their Cheerful feelings to each other in December.


Students in Mrs. Beaulac’s 4th Grade Class create snowflakes, as part of Mrs. Schwab’s Classroom Guidance presentation on respecting diversity.  Students discussed human differences such as skin color, religion, favorite school subjects, favorite after school activities, as well as human similarities, including the fact that we all breathe, we all have a heart that beats, and we all feel hurt and sad if someone says mean words, or does hurtful actions to us.


Students in Mrs. Patriquin’s 1st Grade Class learned about human differences including skin color, race, religion, culture, and we learned to respect each other’s differences with kindness.  Students also danced and sang to the music video Happy by Pharrell Williams, at the end of the Classroom Guidance presentation, as a way to learn about the December Character Theme of Cheerful.  Mrs. Schwab used the SMART board technology in the classroom to access the song.  This music video has become a fast favorite, and constant request by students in the school.  Using music videos, dance, singing and movement, allows students to access the Elementary Classroom Guidance Curriculum using various learning styles.


Mrs. Schwab, Elementary Guidance Counselor, read the book, Happy, by Mies Van Hout to Mrs. Arpide’s 2nd Grade Class, as a way to study feelings, and learn about the Character Theme of Cheerful during December.  Students then drew pictures on black construction paper with oil pastels of fish feeling all different kinds of feelings.  Students learned that we need to respect each other’s feelings, our human differences, and treat each other with kindness and cheerfulness.  The students’ drawings are now on display in the first floor display case to the left of the ACES GYM.


More students from Mrs. Arpide’s 2nd Grade class, with pictures of fish feeling different feelings.  Mrs. Allen, Paraprofessional Specialist is shown with the students.  A fun, learning filled time was had by all!

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A.R.R.S.D. Elementary Counselors Connect with Families at ACES Open House


Pictured above from left to right are:  Rachel Schwab, Elementary Guidance Counselor, RCS and ACES, Linda Jaskoviak, Elementary Guidance Counselor, ACES, Samantha Englehart, School Adjustment Counselor.

September 8, 2016 ~ The ARRSD Elementary Counselors visited with students and families at ACES Open House at their table in the ACES Cafeteria.  They handed out their Elementary Guidance and Counseling Department brochure to families. Parents/guardians were also able to take brochures on the ages and stages of child development at the counselors’ table.  A fun time was had by all!  Samantha is a new staff member of the Athol-Royalston Regional School District.  Welcome Samantha!


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Talking About Touch Instructors Help RCS Students Learn About Personal Safety

Talking About Touch Instructors Help RCS Students Learn About Personal Safety

The month of April 2016, has been a busy month for Rachel Schwab, Guidance Counselor. During April and May, Mrs. Schwab hosted and  introduced instructors at Royalston Community School, who visited Kindergarten through 3rd grade classes to teach the Talking About Touch Curriculum, published by the Committee for Children, Seattle, Washington.  Mrs. Schwab introduced these instructors who are from various local community agencies, including Amanda Mankowsky, CHART Grant Coordinator for Riverbend-Sanders Street School, and Pleasant Street School, Heather Bialecki-Canning, Executive Director of the North Quabbin Community Coalition, Kena Vescovi, Executive Director of Valuing Our Children, Jennifer Dejardins, Athol CHART Project Manager, and other instructors.  Each of the four RCS classrooms are receiving four 30 minute classroom lessons with Talking About Touch instructors.  Students learn about how to be safe when they are near a stranger, the “always ask my parent/guardian first rule,” before visiting a neighbor’s house, and the difference between safe/good touch such as a hug, and not safe touch, and which grownups to talk to if a child needs help with any of these issues. Rachel Schwab and RCS are very grateful for the donation of time and effort to our school by our local community Talking About Touch instructors!Photo Talking About Touch Mrs. Hoegen RCS Heather Bialecki NQCC April 2016 IMG_2824 Photo Talking About Touch Mrs Willhite's Kindergarten Kena Vescovi VOC April 2016 IMG_2824 Photo Talking About Touch RCS Mrs. Stimson's 3rd Grade Amanda Mankowsky April 2016 IMG_2839 Photo Talking About Touch 1st Grade Mrs. Drouin RCS Jennifer Desjardins April 2016

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photo Linda and Rachel Elementary Counselors

Rachel Schwab and Linda Jaskoviak are the elementary guidance counselors for the Athol-Royalston Regional School District.

Mrs. Jaskoviak and Mrs. Schwab are counselors for the Athol Community elementary School (ACES) and the Royalston Community School (RCS).


Parents/guardians can refer their child(ren) for guidance and counseling services, by calling their child’s school, and asking to speak with the guidance counselor.  If the counselor is not available, please leave a message for your child’s guidance counselor, with your name, phone number, or contact information.

Students can ask to talk to the guidance counselor, by asking their classroom teacher to contact the guidance counselor in their school.

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