Easy Step by Step Tutorial – How to Create a Simple, Text Only Post

You should be looking at the arrsd ‘dashboard’ (click here to see a picture of the dashboard) before starting this tutorial. If you do not see the dashboard, please login now. If you do not know how to login, please press HERE.

1) Using the black bar on top of this window, click the “+ New” link.
2) This should open the ‘add new post’ page, which is a basic word editor.
3) Enter the title of your post in the long but narrow text field that says ‘Enter title here’ in light grey.
4) In the larger text field below, type or paste the text you wish to post.
5) You may format the text by highlighting the text you wish to modify, then selecting the modification. For instance, the ‘B’ button in the editing menu will bold highlighted text. The ‘I’ button will italicize it. Look for detailed explanations of the editing menu coming soon.
6) Click the appropriate category in the column to the right. The category dictates the page your post will be listed on. For example, if you are a home economics for ARMS  teacher named John Doe, look for the category that relates to your page, typically defined by the teachers name (Doe) or the class identity (ARMS_HomeEconimics). If you do not know your category, or you cannot find your category, save your post as a draft and contact the ARRSD Technology Department .
7) Once your category is selected, press ‘Publish’.

You have now successfully posted a text posting to your webpage on ARRSD.

Coming soon… adding photos to a text post!

About Christopher Tamulevich

Christopher is a dedicated technology specialist who has been with the ARRSD since 2008.
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