Preschool (Pre-K)

Although Preschool is not required for all students in Massachusetts, The Athol-Royalston Regional School District (ARRSD) recognizes the need to extend preschool opportunities to students with special needs per IEP Team determinations AND their non-disabled peers to promote social-emotional, academic, and self-care development.

Our inclusive AM and PM programs have no more than 15 students with and without disabilities in a structured and nurturing setting. Additional supports from specialized service providers is extended per the IEP within and outside of the classroom setting. Our teachers and service providers are all highly qualified per DESE regulations.

The core strategies for the program include:

1. Curriculum targeted to improve social-emotional, academic and self-care skills.

2. Supporting literacy through phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. (National Reading Panel recommendations)

3.  Creating communication opportunities for school and community members to promote healthy child development.

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Pre-School REQUEST form: 17-18-prek-request-form-nov-23

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