Change of Date For Our Animal’s Halloween Play

Good Afternoon, Parents,
We have a change of date for our Animal’s Halloween play. Since our Farmer Phillip has an appointment on that day we’re moving it from Tues. the 29th to Monday the 28th. It remains at the same time 2:15 and same place,our cafe. I’ll be sending home a refreshment request.

Additionally, once I receive approval,we’ll be going on a field trip to the Old Centre Cemetery. The cemetery is located off of the Common just past the fire station. If you’d like to come I have tentatively planned the trip for Wed. Nov. 6th at 10am. I’ll be sending home a permission slip later this week.

We’d love to have you come to either or both events! Email or drop me a note if you want to chaperone the trip. We’ll be going by school bus so there’s plenty of room.

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