winter picThe New Year has brought frigid air. Please be sure that you send your child/children to school dressed warmly; in layers. Winter coats, hats and mittens are a must. Recess is outdoors everyday unless it is extremely cold.  Outdoor play should be eliminated or limited when the air is frigid.  Frostbite can occur in 15 minutes in 0 degree weather and sooner when there is wind.  Younger children are at higher risk for cold injuries.
The cold weather is very dry and it is important to stay hydrated. Besides the dryness of the cold winter air outdoors; staying indoors in the heated air is very drying also. Chapped lips and hands are the signs of winter dryness. Drinking plenty of water and applying chapstick often are simple ways to take care of your body and skin during cold weather.
It is not too late for the flu vaccine. Flu activity continues into the late winter months and the vaccine will provide some protection from flu despite the change in the virus. Cough and cold etiquette; covering a cough and sneeze,hand washing, and keeping your child home when they are ill will prevent the spread of illness to families and friends.
Wishing everyone a New Year, filled with Happiness and Health.

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