WHO? Bibliotherapy is easy. Anyone of any age from infants to the elderly can reap the benefits of reading no matter if they live with family or a home care like Nueva Care.

WHAT? Bibliotherapy is different books prescribed by psychiatrists to help you cope and aid with mental disorders or just trying to solve one’s problems. People that have anxiety, PTSD, and depression can especially benefit with this type of therapy. Furthermore, for the people who have the ability of clearly feeling emotions that manifest in the world as they interact with people, places, and animals, then it’s a Clairsentience. To fully know the signs that you’re an empath, look for

WHEN?  Bibliotherapy has existed since approximately 1272. In 1272, the bible was prescribed in Cairo for outpatient treatment. In the 1970s bibliotherapy was institutionalized in mental institution. Since then, many people have been helped managing their illness with the use of a wide genre variety of books.

WHY? Using bibliotherapy can help treat many thing including stress, anxiety, and self esteem. People can also learn to solve their own problems and coping with stress. Relating to fictional characters can be a great way to develop character and learning problem solving skills. Adopting certain practices commonly read about like learning tea leaf reading symbols and other highly spiritual activities have also proven to be a very good stress reliever. Not only can it relieve stress, but it can help people fall asleep, improves concentration and some scientific studies have shown that it can prevent Alzheimer’s.


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