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April National Poetry Month April 13, 2020

Good morning ACES students and families, hope you are well! Tuesday, April 22nd is Earth Day and I thought you might enjoy a variety of informational articles to read in ReadWorks. Grade 4-Pollution and ConservationBeaulac4(Code3VXNW5), Belden4(CodeMPCVAJ), Gordan4(CodeMBZQSB), LaRoche4(CodeFXRD7P), Morandi4(CodeJ77KRR) Grade 3-Earth Day-Dinardo3(Code2HRWWW), Gray3(CodeDQMA4F), Hill3(CodeUK4FHD), Johnson3(CodeADQQFR), Lefevre3(CodeDSPGMH). Your classroom teacher may have already assigned these articles to you this week and that is OK, just choose a different article on the same topic! Grade 2-Our Amazing Earth, Grade 1-Water and Us Kindergarten-Earth Helps Us and We Help Earth

To enhance your knowledge of Earth Day here are some activities and a song to start your week. K-2-We Love the Earth and sing along “We Are Earthlings”

GRADES 3 and 4

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