E-Book and Audio Book Resources


E-Book Resources

  • Books Should be Free
  • Kindle – Free popular classics
  • Gutenberg Project – All free books that have expired copyright dates
  • Many Books.net
  • Open Library.org
  • KoBo – Free ebooks
  • Google play free books
  • Open Culture – Free audio Books
  • Big Universe – Big Universe is an award winning book site with unique offerings for children. Visitors can read free ebooks online or create and publish their own ebooks for other people to read. Big Universe also provides a place for children to share and recommend books they’ve enjoyed.
  • BookGlutton – Book Glutton is a great site for older children who want to find, read, and discuss ebooks. The site allows you to read books on the site or import books from the web or your hard drive. Book Glutton books can be read alone or with a group of people.
  • Children’s Books Online – This Rosetta Project site is an online library of antique illustrated children’s books. Books are indexed by reading level: pre-reader, early reader, intermediate reader, advanced reader, adult reader, and foreign language reader.
  • Classic Reader – Classic Reader is an excellent place to find free classic ebooks. The site has a special section for young readers with more than 200 of the world’s best loved classics.
  • Fiction.us – Fiction.us is a great place to find classics, short stories, novels and plays for older children. The site also has a small collection of picture books for younger readers who enjoy illustrations with their text.
  • Free-Books.org – This no-frills website has more than 130 free ebooks for children in MP3 format. Books can be downloaded to any computer and burned to a CD.
  • International Children’s Digital Library – The ICDL is a multicultural digital library for children. The library hosts a large collection of ebooks in English and other languages. Books are sorted by age group, type, genre, and length.
  • Magic Keys – This site offers free illustrated ebooks for children of all ages. Storybooks are separated into three categories: young children, older children, and young adult. Other site offerings include online games, jigsaw puzzles, and interactive coloring pages.
  • Project Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg was not created exclusively for children but the site does have quite a few ebooks that would be interesting to children. More than 35,000 free ebooks are available through Project Gutenberg in all. Other offerings include free audio books and DVDs.
  • Read Print – The Read Print library hosts thousands of free ebooks and poems, many of which are suitable for children. Most of the books on Read Print are classics, such as Peter Pan and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Audio Book Resources


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