April Newsletter

April 1, 2014

Spring has finally arrived even though it still feels a little more like winter. Hopefully it will warm up soon so that we can get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

In science this month we will begin to learn about our earth and how to take care of it. Earth Day falls in April and this is a great way to have students learn about ways to protect our earth for future generations. We will also begin our unit on insects towards the end of the month and learn lots of fun facts about them. Once the weather warms up we will go on a bug hunt around the playground using magnifying glasses and tallying the types of insects we find. This is always a fun, learning activity!

In math we will begin our geometry unit. We will learn about the attributes of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. We will also continue to work on our money skills as well as our math facts. Two students have reached our goal of 100 math facts in 5 minutes…congratulations to Elizabeth Hall and Ethan Bacigalupo. Many students are in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s….let’s see who will be next to reach 100 math facts!

We will be attending the play Pinocchio Jr. on April 16. Please send in your child’s permission slip and money by the end of the week if you have not already done so. If you need assistance with payment, please contact the school. In case you’re out of cash for the payment, it’s advised to get GreenTouch assistance. They offer different types of loan like payday, installment, bad credit, personal, title and business loans, since is useful for those wanting to start a business, because we know this is not a simple task, you need to think in capital and other things like insurance, although you can find them in outsource sites as http://www.virtualinsuranceservice.com/virtual-bpo-services-for-insurance-agencies.html.
Starting this week we will be having our school-wide book fair. Your child may purchase books during lunch time. If you are sending in money for the book fair please send it in an envelope marked “book fair money”.

Our Reading Workshop time is becoming a favorite time for many students. We have been concentrating on picking our “just right” books. These are books that a student can read with ease…no more than 5 errors while reading. We are also practicing using our reading strategies, picking books that we are interested in, and a few weeks ago we learned how to do our partner reading while discussing the book with our partner as we read. All of these practices lead to a more fluent, interested reader.

I have started our classroom webpage on our school website. Please take a moment to check out some of our pictures on the webpage. I also have all of our monthly newsletters posted on this page. Just go to our district webpage and click on Pleasant St. School, then click on my name. I hope to add more pictures in the near future.

Dates To Remember

April 1-9 Book Fair

April 3 Spaghetti Supper and Book Fair Night

April 11 Toy Bingo

April 16 Pinocchio Jr. Play

April 21-25 Spring Break

April 30 Half Day-Prof. Dev. Day

If you should have any questions concerning your child please feel free to call me at the school.

Holly Cetto

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