AHS Honor Roll and Raider Pride Students

The following students were recognized for doing a good deed recently at AHS. They were awarded a Raider Pride prized of a free Subway sub.
raider pride term two

Meghan Pierce, Trever Curtis, Jordan Chapalonis, Mercedez Young, Julia Ramos, Sebastian Lucier, Krystal McCulley, Bryce King. Missing from photo: Cullen Burbee

The following students received High Honor Roll for the 2nd term

High honors term two








Ryan Warner, Francine Morlock-Rajaniemi, Lilly-Beth Linnell, Kaleb Her, Colby Soltysik, Isabella Cooke, Gabriella Cox, Haley Wrigley, Krystal McCulley, Jenna St. Cyr.
Molly Divoll, Crista Jillson, Kayden Mousseau, Amber Mahony, Emily Vescovi, Nicholas Wornham, Mercedez Young.
(Missing From Photo) Olivia Kimball, Amber Vieu, Lauren Mack.

The following students received Honor Roll for the 2nd term
honor roll term two 2017








Aryah Lee, Magdalena Surlej, Riley Paine, Jack Robinson Jr., Matthew Shepardson, Mark Albee-Benoit, Anthony Oro, Matthew Stevens, Issach Bastine, Savannah Smart-Gray, Angel Rivera.

Kyla Citrowski, Sean Fisher, Alexis Hart, Amanda Fuller, Andrew King, James Laford, Dennis St.Jean, Carter Cochran, Colby Mason, Julia Carey, Chase Michaud, Meghan Mahan, Robbie Nelson, Hannah Lajoie, Paige Truehart.

Haylie Baker, Marley Aldrich, Mia Swenson, Genovieve Sirstins, Colby Newcombe, Anthony Negron, Daniel Arpide, Tyler Boyd, Julia Carey, Brejahna Geise, Jessica Soucie, Payton Parker, Destiny Wrigley.

(Missing From Photo) Brianna Cauley, Alexis Cucchi, Ryan Hulbert, Caleb Jennings, Abby Leadbetter, William LeBlanc, Kirsten Newell, Hope Parker, Destiny Ricko, Kaitlin Baptista, Natasha Castillo- Vargas, Yeimy Hernandez Patino, Emma Alger, Shelby Mailloux, Desmond Pottinger, Parker Deleo, Grace Defour, William Freeman, Margaret Holland, Deborah Jette-Smith.

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