VHS Registration Requirements

Athol Virtual High School

In order to register for Virtual High School courses, students must meet eligibility criteria and agree to participation requirements below.


  • Student must be a junior or senior
  • Student must have serious commitment to complete the course
  • Student cannot take courses already offered at Athol High School
  • Student must have grade point average of 80 or better
  • Student cannot be in violation of the school’s attendance policy and must have a good
  • conduct record
  • The principal, the department chairperson of the requested course area, the guidance
  • chairperson and parent(s) must approve the student’s participation
  • The principal has the discretionary authority to recommend a student or conditions of
  • participation that do not meet the above criteria


  • Student must follow all Athol High School and VHS rules concerning course work, timely assignments, the no cheating rule and daily attendance.
  • All copy right laws and policies must be followed at all times
  • Student must use assigned VHS course period for VHS work only
  • Student must follow Athol High School Internet Policy


  • attend meeting with guidance chairperson and VHS Coordinator
  • go online to view course selections
  • select course(s) of interest, download and print prerequisites, course syllabus (if
  • available) and other pertinent information
  • obtain permission form from guidance chairperson
  • discuss course information with parents and department chair of course area
  • fill out permission form including student, parent and department chair signatures and
  • return to guidance chairperson
  • guidance chairperson will sign and obtain principal’s and supervisor’s signature
  • VHS supervisor will register student’s course
  • VHS supervisor will notify student of completed registration
  • Student will meet with VHS supervisor to complete an on-line questionnaire

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