Adding Pictures and Galleries (advanced)

Upload Pictures
1. Click ‘Add Media’
2. Choose an existing image from the Media Library (if you choose an existing image please jump to step #5)
3. Upload your own photo by selecting ‘Upload Files’
4. You may drag photo(s) from your PC desktop (or any folder) onto the screen in order to begin uploading. You may also click ‘Select Files’ and choose the picture(s) from your PC directories.
5. Click ‘Insert into post’

Creating a Gallery
1. Click add media
2. Click ‘Create Gallery’
3. Upload files as directed above or choose photos from the ‘Media Library’
4. Click the blue button in the bottom right, ‘Create a new gallery’
5. Then click on ‘Insert Gallery’ (this will create a new post if you aren’t already editing a post.
6. To see the gallery click preview or publish.

About Christopher Tamulevich

Christopher is a dedicated technology specialist who has been with the ARRSD since 2008.
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