A.R.M.S. Summer Reading Lists

Our middle school students are required to read one book over the summer. Since ARMS expects each student to read between 10 and 15 books each year, the summer reading program gets them started.

● Students will complete 3 different journal entries, of their choice, from the list below.
● Summer reading will be collected the first week of the new school year and YES, it does count!

Suggested authors are listed on the back, but of course, if the student and his or her parent wish, the student may choose a book by another author.

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget…READING IS FUN!


Each of the 3 entries should be approximately 100 words in length. What is essential is that time is taken to write thoughtful responses. This should be an opportunity to reflect on what was read. Please do NOT summarize. Remember to complete “3” different entries for your book! These entries may be neatly handwritten, typed and passed in, or created as a “Google Doc” and shared or with any other ways like student journals online or many other tools.

  • Put yourself in the character’s shoes at a particular moment and consider how you would feel or what you would do.
  • Write about a connection between a moment from the book and a moment from another book, a movie, or your life.
  • Write about a connection between two moments from the book.
  • Consider how the setting affects the mood of the story.
  • Make an observation about the way the author wrote the book (point of view) and speculate about why he/she made the choice you observe.
  • Explain how a character has changed over the course of the novel.
  • Compare two characters – after considering their similar traits and backgrounds, explain how they are also different.
  • Choose a scene from the book where a character had to make a decision. Explain how that decision impacted the story or character.

Suggested Authors

Lloyd Alexander
Jack Gantos
George Orwell
David Almond
Jean Craighead George
Katherine Paterson
Laurie Halse Anderson
Bette Greene
Edith Pattou
VC Andrews
Margaret Haddix
Gary Paulsen
Virginia Hamilton
Richard Peck
Joan Bauer
Karen Hesse
Wilson Rawls
Anilu Bernardo
Will Hobbs
Ann Rinaldi
Joan W Blos
Kimberly Willis Holt
Hazel Rochman
Edward Bloor

Hazel Rochman
Edward Bloor
Brian Jacques
JK Rowling
Judy Blume
Jim Kjelgaard
Louis Sachar
Ann Brashares
Jackie French Koller
Anna Sewell
Terry Brooks
Elaine Konigsburg
Lemony Snickett
Meg Cabot
Trudy Krisher
Gary Soto
Lori M Carlson
Kathryn Lasky
Jerry Spinelli
Beverly Clearly
Madeline L’Engle
Judith Bau Stamper
David Clement-­Davies
Click Here for Summer Reading List
Information for all Grades !

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