Dear Teachers, Staff, Students and Parents/Caregiver,

Winter has arrived. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is calling for -1 degrees with wind chills up to -20 degrees. Our district will be open as we realize some families and students need supports from the schools. I suggest that each parent/caregiver decide what is best for his or her child. If you feel its to cold for your child to wait out at the bus stop then you may want your child to log in as a remote learner tomorrow.  Please be aware if you do decide to keep your child at home that they will be counted as absent if they do not log in with their teacher for  class. Elementary schools will call families of children who are normally in school if they have not logged in in the morning to ensure the child is at home. 
If you plan on sending your child to school please make sure they are bundled up with several layers and have a hat and gloves as this weather can cause frost bite quickly.

Be Well,

Ms. Fernandes

About Joshua Gabrenas

Joshua is a dedicated technology specialist who has been with the ARRSD since 2009 and primarily work in the High School.
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