Hi Families and Students,

I miss you very much and even more so our daily conversations both on topic and off topic.  I miss seeing your eyes light up when you have grasped a concept, the excitement on your face when you have something to share, hearing you cheer for yourself when you have worked hard and finished a task and when you get that funny look on your face when you don’t quite understand what I am saying.   Then the question, “Can I get a piece of candy please?”

I will be calling home Mondays and Wednesday to touch base  with you and your family to see how things are going. This is a time to chat and share any concerns, needs or successes. I will also be posting academic enrichment activities, links and expectations for these activities.  This whole posting via the web is new to me. Your classroom teachers are experts at Class Dojo and google classroom. Now it is my chance to learn and use these resources. Please bear with me if things are a little wonky.  You may already know very well how to use these tools but I am just learning.  

Some of you have probably been using the programs you use in school every day such as Wonders, Extra Math, Splash Math, Google classroom and Epic.  That is awesome!! The activities that I post in Reading, Writing and Math may be enrichment or review. They would be types of activities that if we had more hours in a school day we’d be able to do.  These activities can be completed in conjunction with the activities your classroom teachers have already posted. Posting on the arrsd website is the first way information will be posted. The next step is the format to use to explain, complete or respond to an activity.  This part I am not quite sure about yet as I have to explore and learn a little more about classroom dojo and google classroom.

Please let me know at any time if there are problems or concerns in any of the following areas: 

  •  Internet access.
  • Ability to print hard copies 
  • Breakfast and lunch pick up 
  • Access to programs or links not working
  • Clarity in regard to task direction or the activity itself 
  • A better way to access materials,  resources or enrichment activities that I post

Families checking your voicemail, email, and the ARRSD website page under my name and your classroom teachers name daily would be helpful.  I will be doing the same. Boys and girls you also have a school email address that I may use to communicate with you.

  I am excited and a little nervous about this learning adventure on-line but if we all work together we will make it through.

Mrs. St. Jean

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