RCS Guidance Students Learn About Integrity

Dr. Seuss books help the guidance counselor teach students about integrity

Dr. Seuss books help the guidance counselor teach students about integrity.

Week of March 17, 2014

For the month of March, I put up a bulletin board in the RCS Guidance Office, with Dr. Seuss book characters, and the theme of “integrity.”  This month, one of the social skills I am teaching to students is what it means to have integrity as a human being, to do the right behaviors, and stay true to who you are, when another student might be doing the wrong behaviors.  For younger students, this discussion is more about making kind behavior choices, and for older students, we have discussions about peer pressure, and how to say no, if students are pressuring us to do something we know is wrong.  I have talked with some students about the Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears a Who, and how the main character Horton, listened carefully to the microscopic “Whos” in Whoville.  We are learning that Horton believed in the Whos, and kept Whoville safe, even when all the other animals in the jungle didn’t believe Horton, and tried to take the flower, with the speck of dust containing Whoville, away from Horton.  Horton had integrity.  He did what was kind, safe and right, even when the other animals did not.  We all work towards having our students believe in themselves, and to make choices that are right and kind.  The Dr. Seuss books, The Lorax, Horton Hatches the Egg, and so many other Dr. Seuss books carry the integrity theme.  I will continue to discuss examples from Dr. Seuss’ books, and DVD movie clips, of how students can do kind, caring behaviors.  I have students draw pictures of themselves doing kind, caring, behaviors – see photo above of the Guidance Office bulletin board.  Thank you Dr. Seuss for helping some of my guidance students learn about integrity!

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